My recent post depicted a few of our favorite looks on the 2015 Oscars red carpet. Normally, Lupita Nyong’o would have been one of my pics. I consciously did not include her, not because I did not like the dress, but because she’s almost always going to nail it. It wasn’t that I did not simply love the dress, l kind of thought it was a bit simple in design, although the workmanship was awesome.  The thought of a dress valued at $150K and made of pearls … 6,000 white Akoya pearls to be exact was of the charts! My first thought, “she’s a walking brink truck. What I know about these pearls are what I’ve read, … they are a specialty of Japanese pearl farms, the first pearl to be cultured in the 1020’s, that they are a high-quality pearl with few blemishes and a deep beautiful luster you’ll find set in gold because of their white color and rose overtones. And then it happened, …  EXCLUSIVE:

Lupita Nyong’o

$150K Pearl Oscar Dress … STOLEN!!!!

I nearly lost my breath!  How on earth could this happen. My street sense also kicked in and I immediately thought, “they will probably break that bad boy down, make and sell pearl necklaces, earrings and what ever else they could make from those gorgeous gems. And, … then another thing happened, ….

Holly Faux Dress! …


Lupita Nyong’o

Dress Returned

To Scene of the Crime!

lupita-nyongo-dress-tmz-9    lupita-nyongo-dress-garbage-bag-tmz-launch-3

TMZ: “Lupita Nyong’o‘s Oscar gown was returned to The London West Hollywood Friday afternoon where it was taken 2 days earlier … and the thief called TMZ to tell us where it could be found and added it was a worthless fake.”

My first reaction, …OMG! Really, this is a Calvin Klein Original!

And in another shocking “Exclusive”, …

Calvin Klein

We Never Said Lupita’s Oscar Dress was Real

REALLY! This is an Oscar Red Carpet Original created by none other than Calvin Klein, you don’t have to be told it’s real, I’m sure it is assumed by many that it is real.  Why on earth would it be fake!  And to make matters worse, it was allegedly said that Calvin Klein‘s people never told them if the pearls were real or fake. “Did anyone ever say they were real from Calvin Klein? I always assumed everyone knew they were fake, but I guess not.”We’re told the only person who represented the pearls as real and valued the dress at $150K was Lupita’s stylist”.  So now, it is the stylist fault!  What are we coming to that we now can not believe that the red carpet original dresses are fake, … not to mention that our news reporters are falsifying the news and their experiences in trying to get the news to us.  We already know about false advertising to get us to buy junk, marketing of unhealthy and dangerous products that are aimed at our children.   Does this change your perception of “Haute Couture”? Are you safe in buying what you think, or what is marketed to be real?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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