“Love That Skirt on You!” …


I am drunk in love with longs skirts! A trend that keeps coming back year after year, and I know, it’s probably on of the most must have trends of the season, … but my obsession has nothing to do with trend and everything to do with dressing that’s stylish, effortless, comfortable, and key to a fresh and current look at any age! This look comfortably transitions from office to happy hour without loosing a step.  pair it with a tee or no-collar shirt for a casual relaxed look, or match with a collared shirt, jacket and light jewelry, and you’re fit for the office.  On a cool comfortable day throw on a short denim jacket for a look that’s sure to turn heads!  From vertical stripes, prints to ombre, this look takes street style to a whole other level!  Just accessorize to express your mood and the rest is style history! 

Take a look at these looks and share your comments!


maxic115c2191708fe6218998aeac6e79a34     maxia104e6bb3854d1ae5526f2c3afc24546

lovethelookfa7ff7de1ea01fc75de     longskirtreative-payetsylongskirts45a13cf5d7ce1f91adff28c1ba59118a

longskirt2aaeed6df8cb4cb8caf1c70f7f9fbe24     tov70146.jpeg     tov78060.jpeg

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