Trust me when I say, … the older I get, the more I think a little differently about things! And, if you’re like me,  you change the rules based on what’s comfortable. Yes, we are again talking fashion and style. And for the “seasoned” fashionista, … comfort is #1 in my book! I know, you probably have heard sayings like, “Fashion Hurts” or “In Fashion, There Are No Rules” or “Do You”.  Not this kid, … if it’s uncomfortable or it hurts, or makes me feel I’m trying to hard, I ditch the idea, even if at some point in my life it was “me”!  Let’s be clear though, … I am a big proponent of personal style.  Meaning, create outfits that fit your personality regardless of “trend”, are age appropriate and makes you feel amazing!  Choosing clothing that enhances, flatters, fit well and are comfortable,  … to me, that is classic style!

Let’s face it,  our body’s change as we reach the “back nine” (the last 9 holes of life), lol.  You know, the occasional bat wing, or a slightly softer version of what used to be.  And in this era of being fit, there are the Ernestine Shepherd’s of the world, (oldest female body builder) and is in better shape than most people, decades her junior.  But even she admits that things in her body are older and she takes it slow. Even though she could wear any of the trending styles of clothing (and look damn amazing in it), she respects her age. Trends for the most part are for today’s millenniums or “Gen Y” as they are called, meaning the hemlines are short (mini’s), most dresses are tight with cut-outs and peekaboo’s and 6 inch stiletto’s (all of what we once wore back in the day)!  Agreed Ms. Shepherd would have no problem rocking any of these trends, and look absolutely great in them, but at mid to late 70’s would you consider it age appropriate?  (BTW, I would give anything to have her body, … that does it, off to the gym I go after I finish here!)  Seriously, … it doesn’t matter how fit you are, or how great the clothes look on your body, … It’s about how great the clothes look on the entire package, … at some point the clothes you’re wearing my not match the aging face.  There are a lot of miraculous anti-aging creams and plastic surgeons out there, but the fact of the matter is, as smart as man is, he has not mastered the aging process, yet!  And as we continue to redefine the concept of aging, just as we’ve redefined everything else, we must redefine our choice of clothing.  Style is not about competing with your daughters or dressing like the girl you were 20 years ago; it’s about dressing like the woman you are today.

The point is, we can rock our style at any age! And as Stacy London (What Not to Wear) puts it, “It’s not about should I wear it, it’s about, is it flattering on me?

Know the rules that are perfectly safe to break and those that never should be broken if you are over 50!

“Breakable” Rule 1: Always Match Your Shoes, Bag, and Belt!

Matchy matchy!  Matching accessories can make you look a little dated.  Being a little eclectic allows you to be your creative self, adding style and freshness to your outfit. As Stacy London says, ” Your accessories should complement your outfit, not carbon copy it. If you’re wearing really bold print, keep your bag and shoes solid, and visa-verso, a more neutral outfit should be paired with a bolder shoe and/or bag, ie prints or patterns.

“Breakable” Rule 2: When the age rises, the hemlines fall!

Now, this one I say be careful, be very careful, … there are rules to breaking the rules! So the experts say, Hot pants are a definite no-no, but if you can rock a short skirt, by all means do! says, Amy Tara Koch, a Chicago-based style expert and author of the style guide Bump it Up! “You can wear a shorter dress and a higher heel as you get older. You can layer it with a sweater or jacket, and keep proportion short below and tight above. And if you do not feel comfortable showing leg, (as in my case), you can always pair a short skirt with opaque tights.

There are many other rules that can be broken, but my focus is on those that never should!

I’ll just give it to you straight up no chaser: A Few Rules You Should Never Break Over 50!

Unbreakable Rule 1: Blue Eyeshadow: No, No and No! Actually, I’m not sure who this looks good on, with the exception of drag queens! And I’m still not sold.

22. Blue Eyeshadow

Unbreakable Rule 2: Sparkly Pants: Unless of course it’s New Years Eve! Even then do not make it a skinny pant!


Unbreakable Rule 3: Tube Tops: Really not sure why these are still around for anyone!


Unbreakable Rule 4: Overalls: Just Say No!


Unbreakable Rule 5: Crop Tops: Even if you are built like Ernestine Shepherd, leave these to the young folk. Unless of course you’re at the gym in your workout top!


Unbreakable Rule 6: Booty Shorts: Must I elaborate!


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