Yes it’s true, it’s me again, JustToni! …. No shade, but I am not much of an H&M shopper, okay, I’m not an H&M shopper period, … but they really got my attention with this Balmain collection, or at least part of it!

JUST OFF THE PRESS! … On Tuesday night, H&M hosted the penultimate performance in its Balmain collaboration tour: a red carpet event with a runway show at 23 Wall Street. And just as I suspected,  according to the report by Lauren IndivkThere was a discernible difference in quality from the Balmain clothes. More zippers buckled than not; jackets weren’t neatly tailored; large dangly earrings and a satin-y material used on pants and skirts looked conspicuously cheap. But the more expensive in the collection, … the glittering and reflective dresses looked good, and they sold a compelling vision of womanly power and glamour.

balmainMTMzODgxNTg2Njc5NTg1MjQ2 balmainGettyImages-493520090_592x888

balmainGettyImages-493520032_592x888 balmainGettyImages-493520460_592x888

balmainGettyImages-493520948_592x888 balmainKarlie-Kloss-Vogue-21Oct15-Rex_b_592x888

I guess we will just have to wait and see for ourselves!

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