There a number of reasons you may want to have a professional do your make up. Photo shoots, head-shots, fashion shows, … but the first to come to mind if you’re not in that industry, is your big day! That’s right, … your wedding day! It just may be a strong second to the selection of your wedding dress! Now you could decide to do this on your own, and you’re probably good at it, but let’s face it, your everyday makeup isn’t going to stand a chance with the long day you have ahead. Just keep in mind the endless photos, greeting guest, dancing, and of course a little crying, that will be taking place all day!  Wedding photos are meant to last a lifetime with you as the main attraction, … messing around on your debut is not an option! It is a day filled with joy, stress and sometimes chaos. So you want to make sure that your face is beat by a professional who has taken the time to develop their technique and who puts that extra effort into perfecting their craft. What you don’t want is at the beginning of your stroll down the aisle, your make up decides to take a stroll of it’s own!

My go to MUA (make up artist) for all my styling needs is “Dare” by Keena Queen in the DC Metropolitan Area!  Check her out!

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