Let the awards and red carpet walk begin! Yes our favorite artist(s)s took to the infamous red carpet stroll, … and not only were we excited to find out who the big winner’s were, our eyes were glued to the TV in anticipation of who, in our opinion, will slay for best dress or shock us with over-the-top outfits in an attempt to make a bold fashion statement!  But is it just me (“Just Toni”), or, are the fashion creatives losing some of it’s creativity? Okay, so y’all know I’m a bit old school, and still trying to embrace the “no holds barred” approach to making a statement in fashion, … but did I miss, or failed to understand, what statements were being made?…

So while we thought the fashions were a small step up from boring, … there were a few, we thought, kept it chic, glamorous and red carpet worthy:



While there were a few that we are still trying to figure out just what the statement was! ….




Please help us out with your comments!

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