So who and what the (explicit) is DMV Fashion!  The sometimes overlooked place when it comes to high fashion. The  Washington DC Metropolitan area, which encompasses the District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia and affectionately called (DMV) by its residents, is well on its way of becoming one of the top places for high fashion and street style.  With a number of professional photographers, designers, models and fashion industry experts the DMV has more to offer than grey pant suits, red ties and politics! … It’s no secret New York held the reigns over fashion for decades. By the 1990’s what was then called “Press Week”, runway shows were held all over town, … in studios, lofts and many other locations. … By early to mid 1990, and after a few name and event locations changes, “New York Fashion Week” was born and the rest is history.  That being said, it’s no wonder when you speak of high fashion and fashion week events, you immediately thought of New York, Paris, London and Milan. Today fashion week’s are popping up in just about every metropolitan city in the United States. But hidden all over the DMV, are luxury independent designers and fashion guru’s that are making a lot of beautiful noise! … And that my friend,  is the reason for this post. So with that said, let me introduce you to Afua Sam, Founder and Head Designer of STUDIO D’MAXSI,. Celebrated as an innovative, sophisticated and edgy women’s wear line for the modern woman. STUDIO D’MAXSI makes unique designs for the sexy, classy, funky, chic and confident woman. STUDIO D’MAXSI has been featured in various fashion shows around the DMV Fashion Weeks, including Crystal Couture, (a fashion event that is making beautiful noise as well; directed by Maggie Francois). And, in the spirit of giving back, STUDIO D’MAXSI continues to lend her talents to charitable fashion events such as, Steps to the Cure, Fashion Fusion, Fashion for World Peace, Pink Jams, Beyond Words Fashion Show for The ‘Lollipop Kids Foundation.  Afua Sam also founded ‘Operation Prom’, a ‘win a PROM dress’ a competition of excellence to deserving high school female students. STUDIO D’MAXSI’s brand of elegant yet edgy collections has gained her a diverse clientele, from your everyday fashionista to celebrities for major events such as the Oscars, Grammys, DayTime Emmys, BET Honors; music videos and TV Shows to name a few, including a try for Project Runway which she made it to the second call audition interview during Season 5. In the midst of many distinctive accomplishments of having her gowns worn in Hollywood and across the globe, Afua has a gentle spirit and remains true to her values.

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Afua Sam, Founder/Owner
T: 301.442.3977



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