The Globes are over and now it’s time for “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” on the fashions that wowed! … or, … the fashions that make you say … Wow, …. who the hell is her stylist!  I’m sure, the challenges for our fav actors and actresses are to walk that red carpet in hopes of wearing that piece that makes the best dress list the next day, or is so uniquely stunning that it’s the talk of the season! Oh yeah! … Winning that globe may be on their minds as well! But for me, … it’s what will they be wearing?  So, who were your favorites last?

Here are few of mine ….

Let’s start with Octavia Spencer in Laura Basci, Katheryn Hahn in Brandon Maxwell and Evan Rachel Wood in Altuzzara.  Not the norm for Award night but how thrilled I was to see these ladies do it their way, … and personally, “I love a great pant suit”! Who says that the red carpet award shows were strictly for dresses!

Trace Ellis Ross in Zuhair Murad was stunning! Her fingers filled with bling (one on each finger, including her thumbs!) by multiple designers. And with the exception of the rings, Other than the rings, Tracee kept it simple, opting not to wear any other jewelry, not even earrings. Again, doing it her way! Also staying true to her infectiously playful personality by saying “I think I will hock them and give all the money to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. … It’s that kind of year, folks.”


Issa Rae in Christian Siriano was a staple of elegance in all white. Her first at the Globes, and first as a nominee showed no signs of nervousness at all!

Janelle Monae in Armani, which she worked on along side her stylist. This double threat super star gives you more of her to love with six nominations for Moonlight and two for Hidden Figures.

It’s Naomi, what else can you say!  At 46 she can still rock a runway, a red carpet or what ever else! And she no doubt rocked this one-shoulder, lavender and black Atelier Versace gown, which looked like a work of art offering sequin embellishments and spiral detailing, that hugged her curves impeccably.



And if there has to be a worst dress! I’ve got two, … but first, let me explain!

It’s not that it’s a bad dress, it’s just the wrong dress. Simone Biles (designer unknown) dress was very simple and elegant, but I thought the wrong style for such a vibrant young adult. It appeared to me to make her look older and quite frankly matronly. Wish she would have opted for a more playful and youthful look.

Kerry Washington in Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda! Not the worst, just not what I expected from her!  Not sure what’s throwing me off on this!  You think it’s the thing????




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