Prom night will be here before you know it, and picking the perfect look can be daunting at best.  After all, you are sure to look your celebrity style best on probably the biggest night of your senior year! But don’t fret, keeping things simple, yet elegant will make your preparation a breeze. Let me ask you this, … did you watch any of the award shows? … The Emmy’s, the Golden Globes and of course the Oscars.  This is my go-to source to see what’s trending, and in some cases, what not to wear!  You can be sure these celebrities are donning the very best of designers newest styles, usually creating the trend for the season. But in the regular world, the price tags are also designed for the celebrities and not the rest of us! I say, check out what you like from these sources, as well as flipping through the trendiest magazines, then begin your search with a style in mind to snag similar or look-a-like looks that are made well and easier on the wallet.

One of the styles I love, is the 2 piece gown! Not only can you find these looks at reasonable cost, with the right choice you can make use of each piece throughout the rest of the season and beyond. The crop top can be worn again and again, pairing it with a funky pair of jeans, while the skirt can be paired with many other tops, creating looks that speaks to your own personal style.

While there are many styles to choose from, it is important to choose a style that works best for you! Remember to choose wisely.  You want an outfit that will allow you to move freely, make you feel amazing and feel comfy throughout the night!

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