Washington DC is slowly becoming the place for style, fashion, and all that it has to offer! Plagued with comments like, “DC is so stiff, political and lack individualism”, … you know, with the black or grey pant suits that swarms the halls of Congress! For decades when you spoke of anything fashion, the visualization would immediate take you to New York, Milan or Paris. But, “why not DC right, the most powerful city in the world right” … says Moh Ducis, President and Creative Director of DC Swim Week, a premier boutique fashion event showcasing both local and international established designers as well as small designers trying to get into the market, … providing them with tools and a platform to a wide audience of media professionals, boutiques and buyers.  Moh and his team of beauty professionals that included DCSW Glamsquad Josie Valdez, just wrapped up its third annual DC Swim Week 2017 with three full days of fun, fashion and industry networking, beginning with a fabulous launch at the newly remodeled St. Gregory Hotel in Downtown Washington DC, … which gave us a bird’s eye view of what to expect in the coming days!   “I could not be more pleased with the way our city has embraced this event,” says Moh Ducis, and DCSW Chairman, Sean Rashid added, “DC Swim Week is transforming the way fashion events have been done in the past, by combining local and international designers with professional local and international models, we continue raising the bar for DC Swim week to match the events of New York and Miami.”

The events continued it’s next two days at the Embassy of France in Washington DC, with over 20 designers from places like Poland, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, and of course DC, displaying beautiful swim and resort wear with intricate lines, cutouts, colors, and in some cases representing their place of birth.  Special guest model included Mrs. United States 2017 Lauren Ziegler, live entertainment, lite fare and the opportunity to meet and mingle with the designers and models!






Photo Credits: Steve Bennett Photography

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