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Ageless Style: Fabulous 50’s and Above!

“Live long enough and you will have seen it all and worn most of it” ~author unknown Are you in your 40’s, 50’s or above? Do you look at today’s fashion and think, “the stuff they make today is only for the young?”  I know I certainly have.  The flip side of that is, I feel young!  Okay how about I feel young at … Read More Ageless Style: Fabulous 50’s and Above!

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Holly Faux Oscar Dress!

My recent post depicted a few of our favorite looks on the 2015 Oscars red carpet. Normally, Lupita Nyong’o would have been one of my pics. I consciously did not include her, not because I did not like the dress, but because she’s almost always going to nail it. It wasn’t that I did not simply love the dress, l kind of thought it … Read More Holly Faux Oscar Dress!

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Let’s Talk Style/Fashion

And poof, the highly anticipated fashion month is almost over! From New York to Milan top designers strut their creations down the fashion week runways in anticipation of acceptance by celebrities, boutiques and high-end department stores.  From celebrity style to street style, we marveled at the thought of some day wearing a Haute Couture creation by one of our favorite designers.  The print’s, colors … Read More Let’s Talk Style/Fashion

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