Not Your Average First Lady!


Not only is she a former First Lady married to one of the most admired Presidents we’ve had, she’s also a graduate of Princeton and Harvard, graduating magnum cum laude from Princeton.  Washington DC has long been known as boring when it came to fashion, but when Michelle Obama came to town she inspired many with her sense of individualism in style that her predecessors would dare to don.  From barring her perfectly cut shoulders to confidently entering a room wearing bright colors, eye-catching cutouts and the latest in trends. Michelle Obama is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fashion.

But nothing could have prepared us when during her “Becoming” book tour she showed up for her interview with the queen of shoes herself, Sarah Jessica  Parker donning a pair of shimmering gold Balenciaga’s Thigh-High Glitter Boots! … “Winning”!            “Yes”!  …The “Knife” boots feature a pointed toe and a stiletto heel, constructed from sequined stretch fabric. So when you plan your outfit starting with the shoe as the show-stopper,  … any true fashion goddess knows the rest of the outfit most compliment stylishly,  … Our former FLOTUS took another bold and confident approach, pairing them with a bright-yellow silk wrap dress, also by Balenciaga, with a high-low hemline that perfectly exposed the boots in the front and elegantly flowed down gently to the floor in the back!   I’m still trying to catch my breath!

  Image result for Michelle Obama Really in Balenciaga’s Thigh-High Glitter Boots

~ Photos  courtesy of the internet and Fashion bomb Daily


Life’s Challenges, Tests and Curve Balls!

Hello fans of Justtoni!  I know it’s been a while,  … I’m sure you can relate to how life can sometime put a roadblock on your plans and business no matter how hard you try to keep it moving.  I am no exception! Some tragedies in life (such as the lost of a child) can make you second guess your ability to move on. Yes, I lost my daughter to breast cancer last year and it limited, and almost permanently halted my ability to be consistent in my business and even life’s everyday dealings. I’m slowly getting use to my new normal, (raising my 11 yo grandson) and slowly getting back into the flow of my love for fashion and my commitment to stay engaged with my readers and clients!
We also wanted to introduce you to “CritiqueStyle”.  CritiqueStyle is a subsidiary of Critique’ Boutique, Inc. and a replacement of “Justtoni” where our focus will be our fashion services, ie, personal and editorial  photo shoots, personal and professional styling, fashion show direction, and lifestyle blogging.

We appreciate the loyalty you have shown throughout the years !  With that said …    


Spring 2018 Trends, Art-Infused Prints!

Art inspired prints were all over the runway during the spring 2018 shows by a number of your favorite designers! From Andy Warhol to Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, their creative talents were the focal point of prints, displaying a pop of art enhanced aesthetic.  Fashion has increasingly been popping up in Museum spaces with as much consideration as they do art, … and personally I love it! But with that said, the price of these babies can carry nearly some of the same price tags that adorn an original Picasso! Okay, maybe not as much, but very close!

For instance, two of my favorite looks from Versace, 1) Printed Cady Sheath Dress and 2) Collage Sheath Dress, both at just under $2k, … and no, that doesn’t include the boots or the handbags! And wouldn’t you know it, … they are already sold out with a ship date not until May!

Other Art-Infused and fun prints for Spring 2018!



Photo Credits: Internet