How We Love The Blanket Scarf!



I’ve got to admit, …. They got my attention!

Yes it’s true, it’s me again, JustToni! …. No shade, but I am not much of an H&M shopper, okay, I’m not an H&M shopper period, … but they really got my attention with this Balmain collection, or at least part of it!

JUST OFF THE PRESS! … On Tuesday night, H&M hosted the penultimate performance in its Balmain collaboration tour: a red carpet event with a runway show at 23 Wall Street. And just as I suspected,  according to the report by Lauren IndivkThere was a discernible difference in quality from the Balmain clothes. More zippers buckled than not; jackets weren’t neatly tailored; large dangly earrings and a satin-y material used on pants and skirts looked conspicuously cheap. But the more expensive in the collection, … the glittering and reflective dresses looked good, and they sold a compelling vision of womanly power and glamour.

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I guess we will just have to wait and see for ourselves!




Hello Again!


Hello Autumn!

Oh how I love the fall!  What I love most of all, aside from the crisp bright mornings, the amazing colorful foliage and of course, being the season of giving and family, …  it is the perfect weather for dressing!  It’s not too hot, not too cold, but just the right temperature for great street style!  Transitioning from summer to fall can be lot’s of fun, and allows you to test your creative juices.  It is the time to truly play around with your existing wardrobe, by lending a touch of sporty elegance with the help of a faux-fur vest, a stylish poncho over a great pair of jeans, or a cropped denim jacket with your favorite maxi skirt creating a great boho look, … one of my favorite looks by the way! So let’s “Fall” in-love with autumn and start your transition!

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piarossinipaige_set_model (2)  autumnblanker-scarf-13

autumnwinter-wool-cashmere-blanket-scarves-style  piarossini005


Fall Trend Favorites From CritiqueStyle!


Michelle Obama Style!

Michell Obama Style!


Mary Katrantzou shirt dress

Manolo Blahnik slip-on shoes
$705 –

Christian Dior lipstick

Nail polish
$23 –

Summer Sun!

Summer Sun!

Prism retro swimsuit
$295 –

Tory burch sandals
$200 –

Beach bag

LeiVanKash gold jewelry
$180 –

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
$180 –

Lancôme lancome mascara

Nars cosmetic
$29 –

Tom Ford fragrance
$335 –

Beauty product

Simple elegance!

Simple elegance!

J W Anderson kohl dress
$450 –

Heels stiletto
$310 –

Alexis bittar bangle
$170 –

Chloé flat post earrings
$405 –

Accessorizing with Jewelry!

Accessorizing with Jewelry is one of the most simplest and effective ways to make any outfit look great. While we are a fan of exquisite gems and the best of the best, we are also a big fan of finding “quality” at affordable prices! Shopping for choice pieces of great jewelry is as important as choosing your outfit. In fact, the right choices in accessorizing are part of your overall wardrobe selection. As Designer Michael Kors puts it, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a women’s outfit” … it can make the simplest outfit come alive, or completely kill an otherwise great outfit!  …  Here we’re showcasing some of our favorite pieces. And of course, we are adding or have added these pieces to!

Karine Sultan (Paris)

Karine creates a wide variety of pieces for women of all ages. More than being just a career, being a designer is her passion. The sole designer of the brand, Karine designs every single piece between her design studio located at the LA Headquarters of the company and her French studio located at the heart of Paris, France to where she travels regularly for inspiration. Her pieces are breathtaking, timeless and unbelievably affordable!  She creates the most unique pieces using all sorts of materials and textures.

Karine Sultan features multiple collections of “Must Have” pieces that have been much-loved by women all over the world and of all ages for more than 25 years, and is worn by a host of much admired celebrities!

Who doesn’t love and miss the incomparable Joan Rivers! Here she layers multiple pieces of Karine Sultan on a LBD and blazer at a Mercedes-Benz fashion week, turning an otherwise simple outfit into a fabulous work of art!

09/12/2012 - Melissa Rivers and Joan Rivers - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 -

The lovely Christine Morzano in Karine’s Matte Gold Dangling earrings!


And last but not least, to name drop a few … the beautiful Queen Latifah in another collection of Matte Gold Dangles at the Critics Choice Awards!


For a more funky, fun and urban choice, we’ve chosen the unique designs of Candid Art. Obviously not as well known as our first choice of designers. Candid Art, as designer Candice Cox puts it, is inspired infinitely by research and affinity with African visual culture, . Each piece is handcrafted and evokes conversation when the wearer walks into a room.


There are a lot of reasons to accessorize your wardrobe. Can you believe it can save you money! How? you may ask. As I mentioned above, accessorizing can change the look of an outfit. Turn an otherwise plan or simple dress (already in your closet) into something that will look totally different. It’s the accessorizing that changes up the looks.  Imagine having one dress that can be accessorized multiple ways. Just by changing the style and type of jewelry it can completely change the look of that dress. This can cost you a lot less than having multiple dresses. “Just a thought!”  Another reason?  Well, just think of how most of us feel when we walk into a room and god forbid someone else is wearing the same dress, … having your dress accessorized with fun, elegant and eye catching jewelry will give your dress a look of it’s own!

Fashionable or Stylish?


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