Swim, … DC Style!


Washington DC is slowly becoming the place for style, fashion, and all that it has to offer! Plagued with comments like, “DC is so stiff, political and lack individualism”, … you know, with the black or grey pant suits that swarms the halls of Congress! For decades when you spoke of anything fashion, the visualization would immediate take you to New York, Milan or Paris. But, “why not DC right, the most powerful city in the world right” … says Moh Ducis, President and Creative Director of DC Swim Week, a premier boutique fashion event showcasing both local and international established designers as well as small designers trying to get into the market, … providing them with tools and a platform to a wide audience of media professionals, boutiques and buyers.  Moh and his team of beauty professionals that included DCSW Glamsquad Josie Valdez, just wrapped up its third annual DC Swim Week 2017 with three full days of fun, fashion and industry networking, beginning with a fabulous launch at the newly remodeled St. Gregory Hotel in Downtown Washington DC, … which gave us a bird’s eye view of what to expect in the coming days! Read More

Our Favorite Trends and Looks for Summer 2017

We are really starting to see the full effect of this season by its gorgeous weather, albeit a bit rainy! But after a few steamy days I welcome the rain to clean away the nasty pollen that comes with it. And although spring and summer can bring misery to us allergy sufferers, … I love it!  What I love most, the sun brings better attitudes, more smiles, and fun fashion. And this seasons fashion is full of fun flirty ruffles, florals, stripes, off the shoulder, and split sleeves! Definitely “must add” to your wardrobe!  Here are a few of our favorites. And most are easy on the pocket:


Image Credits: Elle, Pinterest, Critique’ Boutique

Two Piece Style For Prom 2017?


Prom night will be here before you know it, and picking the perfect look can be daunting at best.  After all, you are sure to look your celebrity style best on probably the biggest night of your senior year! But don’t fret, keeping things simple, yet elegant will make your preparation a breeze. Let me ask you this, … did you watch any of the award shows? … The Emmy’s, the Golden Globes and of course the Oscars.  This is my go-to source to see what’s trending, and in some cases, what not to wear!  You can be sure these celebrities are donning the very best of designers newest styles, usually creating the trend for the season. But in the regular world, the price tags are also designed for the celebrities and not the rest of us! I say, check out what you like from these sources, as well as flipping through the trendiest magazines, then begin your search with a style in mind to snag similar or look-a-like looks that are made well and easier on the wallet. Read More

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